Monday, 25 April 2011

iHandy Flashlight


Today, I want to tell you about another interested iPod application, which is iHandy flash light. This application turns your iPod into a torch with different colors and styles. Like if you are in a concert, you can use glow stick or disco style of light, if you are in a dark room or basement, you can use fire truck light style, want to read books but do not have a lamp use reading style light and also use neon style light to have some fun with your friends. This is a trailer actually you have almost 30 plus lighting styles so just download it and make your life brighter and colorful with this application. These are some of the features due to which I add this one in my list of coolest ipod apps. The only disadvantage of this application is that if you continually use it for very long time, then it may decrease the life of the battery.


11.5 MB



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